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Devils 3, Kings 0 - Post-Game Bullets

  • I thought the would-have-been first Devils goal shouldn't have been disallowed (man-in-the-crease? that's allowed now...) and their first actual goal should have been disallowed (goalie interference). Consider that a wash.
  • Jonathan Bernier played well. 
  • The Kings out-shot the Devils. 
  • The Kings are 1-2-0 when out-shooting an opponent.
  • The Kings are 4-0-1 when being out-shot. 
  • Mike Richards has scored in all five Kings' wins and has not scored in any of the Kings' losses. 
  • The Kings have 11 points after 8 games. Last year, they had 12 points. 
  • Viatcheslav Voynov led all Kings in ice-time, with 23:25. 
  • In his fourth NHL game, this was Voynov's first loss, and he was on the ice for a goal-against for the first time, too. 
  • I thought he played great. 
  • Dustin Penner led the team with 4 shots, and added 2 hits. 
  • There were 25 recorded giveaways in the game. The Kings had 15. Dustin Brown and Simon Gagne accounted for 3 each. 
  • I would love to go through each of those giveaways to see why the 22 that didn't result in goals turned out that way.
  • I just noticed that a Kings giveaway doesn't necessitate a Devils takeaway. The Kings had 15 giveaways and 6 takeaways; the Devils had 10 and 3. That means that some turnovers are blameless (it's a takeaway, but not a giveaway) and others are uncredited (it's a giveaway, but not a takeaway). What if it's a tie? Does the scorekeeper just pick one player to give the credit/blame to? Or are there turnovers that are neither giveaways or takeaways? 
  • Just thinking out-loud: by definition, doesn't every goal occur because of a turnover, a missed assignment or goalie error? The "poor read" is a sub-set of missed assignment. "Getting outworked" is a subset of missed assignment. Even "bad change" is a subset of missed assignment. 
  • I still say that Murray's system requires too much "perfect execution" on the defensive side of the puck, with no safety net in case something goes wrong. If they're perfect, great, the Kings will probably win because they'll probably score a goal or maybe even two themselves. But if they're not perfect, they tend (for some reason) to give up goals in bunches. And then it's over. 
  • Giving up goals in bunches is always the fault of mental breakdowns, right? That would suggest that the psychology of the team is an important consideration, wouldn't it? When you're hot you're hot, and when you're not you're not. 
  • You don't sit your hot goalie when the team is on a record-setting shut-out streak. 
  • Oh, but I know, the plan... we have to stick to the plan... "I told Bernier on Saturday he would start." So what? You told Jason LaBarbera he was your number one goalie the day of his last game in a Kings sweater. 
  • "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."