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LAK 3 NYR 2 (OT) - Post-Game Bullets


  • Kings looked like world-beaters in the first period.
  • Didn't you know the Rangers were going to score like that, after no shots for most of the period?
  • Announcers seemed to think Dustin Penner was a healthy scratch. I noticed in the ESPN box-score, they thought the same thing. No. Pay attention. 
  • Drew Doughty played nearly 27 minutes. 
  • Jack Johnson played a familiar brand of "great" JJ game; a couple of potentially deadly turnovers, lots of shots (always the case) most of which hit the net (not always the case), game-deciding clutch goal, making everyone feel slightly bad that they were already complaining about his faults. 
  • Anze Kopitar and Justin Williams looked great. Two previously-broken guys looked about as good as I hoped they would.
  • How is Mike Richards, with a goal and an assist, not one of the three stars of the game? 
  • Dustin Brown was in high gear. Nice almost goal there at the end. 
  • Alec Martinez was, as noted several times by the Versus guys, the best defenseman on the ice. 
  • Trent Hunter looked not very good. 
  • Game-winning power-play goal postpones gloomy message board teeth-gnashing on the otherwise crappy state of the power-play. 
  • All in all, not bad for playing in a weird place at a weird time with jet-lag without the benefit of ever really having played together before and with lines that were invented yesterday and some players having skipped training camp or missed most or all of the previous season.