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Andrei Loktionov called up -- off-day open thread?

What will the lines be? 

I'm thinking, maybe:

Gagne - Kopitar - Williams

Loktionov - Richards - Brown

Clifford - Stoll - Richardson

Moreau - Fraser - Lewis

(Hunter, Westgarth)

(IR: Penner, Parse)

On the other hand, Loktionov has been playing between a big body (Jordan Nolan) on one side and a speedy guy (Brandon Kozun) on the other, so maybe:

Gagne - Kopitar - Williams

Stoll - Richards - Brown

Clifford - Loktionov - Richardson

Moreau - Fraser - Lewis

Or, if Murray wants to admit that the Richards line is the new Handzus line -- and therefore needs a LW who can handle the defensive load, what about:

Gagne - Kopitar - Williams

Stoll - Loktionov - Lewis

Moreau - Richards - Brown

Clifford - Fraser - Richardson

And, of course, since Anaheim is coming, and Murray is Murray, we'll probably see Westgarth, so maybe Clifford - Fraser - Westgarth on the fourth line?


Or, what about:

Gagne - Loktionov - Williams
Richards - Kopitar - Brown
Clifford - Stoll - Richardson
Moreau - Fraser - Lewis