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Inventory of Thanks

Behold the annual cliche of the "what I'm thankful for" post. 

  • Drew Doughty signed.
  • Andrei Loktionov is on the Kings roster.
  • He looks bigger somehow.
  • Slava Voynov is on the Kings roster.
  • He looks really good.
  • Anze Kopitar continues to somewhat quietly put up great numbers, and still looks like he's underperforming.
  • Mike Richards.
  • Simon Gagne.
  • Jack Johnson has been a game-changer more in this season than in the rest of his career added-up (except maybe in the Vancouver series two years ago). 
  • Tyler Toffoli is on pace to top his league-leading numbers from last year. 
  • He turns pro after this season.
  • Michael Schumacher is doing very well in the Soo. 
  • Thomas Hickey leads the Monarchs in plus/minus. 
  • The Kings will wear their throwback purple jerseys a few times this season.
  • Ilya Kovalchuk didn't choose LA. (There would be no room for Mike RIchards, for one thing.)
  • Ryan Smyth is an Oiler.
  • Bettman didn't nullify the trade. 
  • Alec Martinez and Voynov switched to proper hockey numbers (26 and 27, instead of 53 and 76). 
  • The Kings have two legitimate number one goalies. 
  • The Kings have the same number of points as they did last year after 22 games. 
  • Oscar Moller is still Kings property. 
  • Jordan Nolan may well be ready next year. 
  • Dean Lombardi is the Kings' GM.
  • People realize that head injuries are dangerous.
  • Two refs.
  • Brendan Shanahan in, Colin Campbell out.
  • The salary cap went up.
  • The NBA is stupid now, so we don't have to be stupid next year. 
  • The instant access/video/stat heaven that is the internet.  
  • Movember is almost over.