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Habs 2, Kings 1 -- Post-Game Bullets

  • The Kings have scored 59 goals in 26 games.
  • That's 29th in the league.
  • 34 even-strength (5on5) goals.
  • That's dead last.
  • Mike Richards has 8 even-strength goals. Anze Kopitar and Simon Gagne have 6 each. The rest of the team has 2 or fewer.
  • The Kings are on pace to score 186 goals this season.
  • That would be their lowest total since 1969-70, when the Kings scored 168 goals in a 76 game season (which prorates to 181 in an 82 game season).
  • I'm not counting the strike-shortened 1994-95 season, in which the Kings scored 142 goals in 48 games.
  • To put this crappiness in perspective: since the lock-out, only one team has scored fewer goals than 186 (the Kings' current pace) in a season: the Devils, last year.
  • The Kings have four forwards on pace to score more than 10 goals. Okay, five if you think Justin Williams will play all 82 games, in which case he's on pace for 10.
  • Dustin Brown is on pace for 16 goals.
  • Jarret Stoll is on pace for 7.
  • Dustin Penner is on pace for 4.
  • Scott Parse would have been on pace for 18, but no.