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Didn't you say the Kings had ZERO chance of winning this series? (Postgame Bullets)

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Let's see. Where to begin?

  • Sharks won. 
  • In overtime.
  • They dominated early.
  • Then the Kings dominated about half of the second and third periods. 
  • Jonathan Quick gave them one juicy rebound and let in a soft one.
  • Then he played like a Vezina winner.
  • Antti Niemi looked not great most of the game. 
  • Then he made that save on Clifford. 
  • And on the wrap-around by Ryan Smyth.
  • Alexei Ponikarovsky played about the heaviest game I've seen him play as a King.
  • Kyle Clifford and/or Trevor Lewis are going to score a GWG or two in this series, I think.
  • Drew Doughty is trying to do too much. The missed hip-check was unnecessary.
  • And the interference penalty could have been fatal.
  • The Kings were nervous in the first period. 
  • Then the Sharks were nervous.
  • I guess they still are, because Todd McLellan is on "the podium" right now talking about how the non-call on Stoll changed the momentum of the game and allowed the Kings to dominate, the theory being that Stoll takes a lot of face-offs (unfair, he should have been kicked out!) and the Sharks were down to five D.
  • I take the fact that they're making excuses in a win to be a good sign. 
  • The Sharks are a different team, they say. They're physical now.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if Stoll gets a game for that.
  • And if that happens, I predict there will be hits in this series that are worse and go unpunished. 
  • Back to McLellan: his press conference seemed like they had lost. He spent a lot of time explaining, essentially, why they didn't dominate 3/4 of that game. 
  • They didn't dominate because they were contained. They were contained because the Kings got back to the system. 
  • Yes, if the Kings had any power-play at all, they would have been leading after the 1st. 
  • But they don't. So they weren't. 
  • Will the power-play wake up? Maybe if Oscar Moller is dressed.
  • The problem is, Kevin Westgarth had a great game and almost scored the game-winning goal. 
  • Justin Williams played better than I dared hope he would. And that's a huge upgrade over Williams last year's playoffs.
  • Jon Quick this year is an upgrade over tired Quick last year.
  • Poni, Clifford and Lewis are a huge upgrade over Fredrik Modin and Jeff Halpern. (I loved Modin, but still.) 
  • The Kings played 3/4 of an excellent, playoff-style game. They gave Dany Heatley a freebie, and Joe Pavelski what must be his dream ideal scoring chance. 
  • Great, great shot by Pavelski.
  • Note to everyone: please get the puck in deep. 
  • The announcers on NHL on the Fly just said, "the Kings have their work cut out for them." They're sticking to their narrative. 
  • I thought the Sharks looked freaked out, and (ultimately) relieved. 
  • Hey, if Jarret Stoll is suspended, does Lombardi bring up Brayden Schenn?
  • The Kings now know (or just remembered) that they can not only play with these guys, but out-play them. 
  • And the meme about the Sharks having the easiest of all of the first round dead.
  • Dead.
  • Like everyone else, the Sharks will need some luck to win this series. 
  • Luck favors the prepared.
  • I'll stick to my prediction. Kings in seven.