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Good - And Might I Suggest...


Friday practice; new lines " LA Kings Insider
Here’s how the Kings’ forwards are skating this morning, with the first three lines listed in no particular order…

Parse - Handzus - Williams

Smyth - Lewis - Brown

Clifford - Richardson - Simmonds

Penner /  Stoll / Ponikarovsky / Westgarth / Moller

For the fourth line, my preference would be, in descending order (most to least preferred):

  • Penner - Moller - Poni (or flip the wings - one has to be on the off wing anyway)
  • Penner - Stoll - Moller
  • Poni - Stoll - Moller
  • anything involving Westgarth (not a knock on Westgarth, who has had a better series than anyone could reasonably have expected; it's just not the right time for what he "brings").