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Dean Lombardi Trade History 2006-present

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With the draft approaching, I got to thinking about Dean Lombardi's trading habits. I wondered whether there was any pattern to whom he trades with. This chart is the result of that time-wasting endeavor. So far, it doesn't reveal anything we didn't already know, except maybe that a number of the GMs Lombardi deals with are affiliated with USA Hockey. 

This is a work-in-progress and will be updated as new trades occur. If anyone sees any connections I have missed -- not to mention trades I might have overlooked -- speak up. The hive mind is smarter than any one of us!

If I'm counting correctly, Lombardi has made trades with 28 GMs and 24 teams. He's made five deals with Brian Burke, three with Darryl Sutter. The six teams he has not traded with (yet) are: Predators, Canadiens, Senators, Devils, Islanders and Penguins.

Fun fact: Lombardi traded away Pavol Demitra, Brent Sopel, Craig Conroy, Mike Cammalleri, Mattias Norstrom, Jason LaBarbera, Ryan Munce, TJ Fast and this year's 1st round pick, and all he got back was:

  • Justin Williams
  • Trevor Lewis
  • Wayne Simmonds
  • Oscar Moller
  • Dustin Penner
  • Nicolas Deslauriers
  • Dwight King
  • Johan Fransson
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Kevin Gravel, and
  • Jean-Francois Berube

      Kings relinquished Kings acquired the other GM rel.
1 6/24/06 Blue Jackets 7r194 2007/7r188 (Matt Fillier) Doug Maclean  
2 6/24/06 Rangers 4r104 4r114 (Niclas Andersen), 5r144(Martin Nolet) Glen Sather  
3 6/24/06 Wild Pavol Demitra Patrick O'Sullivan, 1r17 (Trevor Lewis) Doug Risebrough  
4 7/5/06 Canucks 2007/2r33, 2009/3r66 Dan Cloutier Dave Nonis  
5 9/30/06 Hurricanes Eric Belanger, Tim Gleason Jack Johnson Jim Rutherford  
6 1/20/07 Lightning Ryan Munce 2008/4r92 (23) Jay Feaster  
7 1/27/07 Lightning Jason Ward 5r137 (Joshua Turnbull) Jay Feaster  
8 1/29/07 Flames Craig Conroy Jamie Lundmark, 4r109 (Dwight King), 2008/r2r48 (18) Darryl Sutter Sharks coach 97-02
9 2/5/07 Rangers Sean Avery, John Seymour Marc-Andre Cliche, Jan Marek, 2008/3r81 (22) Glen Sather  
10 2/26/07 Canucks Brent Sopel 2r61 (Wayne Simmonds), 2008/4r101 (22) Dave Nonis  
11 2/27/07 Stars Mattias Norstrom, K. Pushkarev, 3r64, 4r94 J Modry, Johan Fransson, 2r52 (Oscar Moller), 3r82 (Bryan Cameron), 2008/1r28 (19) Doug Armstrong  
12 6/23/07 Capitals 6r154, 2008/4r93 4r95 (Alec Martinez) George McPhee  
13 12/10/07 Stars Evgeny Fedorov 2008/6r179 (24) Les Jackson, B. Hull  
14 2/19/08 Flyers Jaroslav Modry 3r88 (Geordie Wudrick) Paul Holmgren USA Hockey, Flyers
15 2/26/08 Ducks Jean-Sebastien Aubin 7r185 (25) Brian Burke USA Hockey
16 2/26/08 Red Wings Brad Stuart 2r61 (21), 2009/4r119 (34) Ken Holland  
17 6/4/08 Blues T.J. Fast 2009/5r137 (34) Larry Pleau  
18 6/20/08 Flames Mike Cammalleri, 2r48 (8) 1r17 (19), 2009/2r51 (31) Darryl Sutter Sharks coach 97-02
19 6/20/08 Ducks 1r17 (18), 1r28 (11) 1r12 (20) Brian Burke USA Hockey
20 6/20/08 Sabres 1r12 (20) 1r13 (Colten Teubert), 2009/3r74 (33) Darcy Regier  
21 6/21/08 Avalanche 2r61 (16) Brad Richardson Francois Giguere  
22 6/21/08 Sabres 3r81 (9), 4r101 (10) 3r74 (Andrew Campbell) Darcy Regier  
23 6/21/08 Sharks 4r92 (6) 2009/4r117 (35), 2010/5r148 (Kevin Gravel) Doug Wilson  
24 6/21/08 Blackhawks 6r179 (13) 2009/6r178 (Brandon Kozun) Dale Tallon USA Hockey
25 6/21/08 Blues 7r185 (15) 2009/7r197 (Nic Dowd) Larry Pleau USA Hockey
26 6/30/08 Oilers Lubomir Visnovsky Jarret Stoll, Matt Greene Kevin Lowe  
27 7/1/08 Flyers Patrik Hersley, Ned Lukacevic Denis Gauthier Jr, 2010/2r59 (39) Paul Holmgren USA Hockey, Flyers
28 7/31/08 Stars Lauri Tukonen Rich Clune Les Jackson, B. Hull  
29 9/30/08 Ducks cond. Sean O`Donnell Brian Burke USA Hockey
30 12/30/08 Canucks Jason LaBarbera 2009/7r202 (35) Mike Gillis  
31 3/4/09 Hurricanes Patrick O`Sullivan, 2r51 (18) Justin Williams Jim Rutherford  
32 6/27/09 Rangers Brian Boyle 2010/3r70 (Jordan Weal) Glen Sather  
33 6/27/09 Flames 3r74 (20) 3r84 (Nicolas Deslauriers), 4r107 (34) Darryl Sutter Sharks coach 97-02
34 6/27/09 Panthers 4r107 (33), 5r137 (17) 2010/3r63 (38) Jacques Martin  
35 6/27/09 Thrashers 4r117 (23), 4r119, 7r202 (30) 4r95 (Jean-Francois Berube) Don Waddell  
36 7/3/09 Avalanche Kyle Quincey, Tom Preissing, 2010/5r139 Ryan Smyth Greg Sherman  
37 3/3/10 Blue Jackets cond. Fredrik Modin Scott Howson  
38 3/3/10 Lightning Teddy Purcell, 3r63 (34) Jeff Halpern Brian Lawton  
39 6/25/10 Panthers 1r19, 2r59 (27) 1r15 (Derek Forbort) Dale Tallon USA Hockey
40 6/26/10 Avalanche 2r49, 4r109 2r47 (Tyler Toffoli) Greg Sherman  
41 6/26/10 Maple Leafs 3r79 2012/3rTOR Brian Burke USA Hockey
42 6/26/10 Thrashers 6r169, 7r199 6r158 (Maxim Kitsyn) Rick Dudley  
43 12/11/10 Bruins cond. Marco Sturm Peter Chiarelli  
44 2/28/11 Oilers Colten Teubert, 1r19 Dustin Penner Steve Tambellini  

A few things:

  • the number with an "r" in it (e.g. ""1r19") indicates the round and overall number of the pick (1r19 means first round, 19th pick over-all) in the year the trade was made. 
  • If the trade involves a pick from another year, that is indicated by the year followed by a slash (e.g. 2010/5r139 means the 5th round pick, 139th overall, in the 2010 draft). 
  • There is one instance when the trade involves a pick in a draft that hasn't happened yet (trade #41, 2012 draft); since we can't know what exact pick that is, it's referred to as "2112/3rTOR," which means it's Toronto's 3rd round pick in 2012. 
  • Every pick acquired by the Kings is followed in parentheses by the name of the player the Kings drafted; unless of course Lombardi subsequently traded away the pick, in which case you will see a number in parentheses instead of a name. This refers to the subsequent trade number (first column) in which Lombardi dealt the acquired pick. 
  • If Lombardi traded away a pick he previously acquired via trade, that pick is followed by the number of the original trade in parentheses. 
  • The trade numbers are assigned by me, as an aid in organizing the chart. I attempted chronological order.
  • Players names in italics are no longer in the Kings system. 
  • The right-most column ("rel") indicates whatever scrap of connection I can come up with, between Lombardi and the GM in question. Maybe you'll help me fill in the blanks. Or maybe there's nothing to put there.