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Half-Baked Development Camp Bullets

  • Robbie Czarnik's mouth is always open. I don't mean he talks too much. I mean, his mouth is always open and his tough is kind of dangling out, like Robert Duvall when he laughs. I don't have a problem with this. It makes him easy to identify. Also, I like The Great Santini.
  • I don't believe Jordan Weal is two inches taller than Brandon Kozun.
  • Weal needs to get his skates sharpened. He must have blown four tires in the time I was there. 
  • Ray Kaunisto picked some nice corners. In general, I thought the campers weren't shooting very well. 
  • Jordan Nolan protected the puck well at least twice. I was going to say "protects the puck well," but what the hell do I know. 
  • Linden Vey is still smaller than I want him to be. 
  • I make no claim at having a definitive or informed opinion -- especially since I spend most of the first day just trying to figure out who is who -- but the players who stood out for me were, in no particular order: Michael Schumacher (big, can shoot), Czarnik, Nic Dowd, Nicolas Deslauriers
  • A couple of the undrafted kids looked good in flashes. Whoever was wearing #61. Manicotti? No, that's not it. [looking it up] Rob Mignardi. And #38? [looking it up] Pierre Durepos. There was a nice move by someone with an 8 in their number -- 38 or 48 -- but it was too far away for me to say. I did think that David Eddy (#48) looked sharp (and yes, I do realize that in the second practice there were two 48s; Schumacher switched from 43 to 48 in order to have the correct red forward jersey. Eddy was the small 48; Schumacher the big 48. 
  • Upon reflection, Schumacher may have been my favorite today. I reserve the right to change my mind in ten minutes, or tomorrow.
  • I wish I got to see more of Tyler Toffoli. (I missed his goal.) 
  • I saw Rich and Helene gabbing behind the glass during the second practice. Actually, what I saw was the two of them yawning simultaneously, the way people do. it wasn't in response to anything on the ice; it was just funny. 
  • More tomorrow. What did you see?