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Hindsight Fun: Vancouver Province Disses Kings, March 26, 2012

Canucks-worshipping writer is not exactly a prophet

Rich Lam - Getty Images

From time to time I come across an article so smug and so filled with Kings scorn that I make sure to bookmark it. This is one of them.

It's from one of the last weeks of the regular season. Welcome to "Kings Playing More Like Pawns."

The Angelenos came into Monday night’s affair clinging to the eighth and final spot in the West after a season in which they’d fired their head coach, overpaid to land uninspired forward Jeff Carter in a deal which smacked of desperation and generally under-achieved (they were tied with, yikes, Columbus for 28th in the NHL in goals scored) to an alarming degree.

True, they’d won six of their last seven to at least get back into the playoff picture but that shine which seemed so bright two years ago has dulled considerably and therein lies a cautionary tale for all NHL teams which aspire to greatness.

Herein also lies a tale for hockey writers who can't see a change that's happening before their eyes -- who also write off a team with a young, talented core just two years after they first made the playoffs. Doughty was 22. Kopitar was 24. But to Willes it was all downhill from the playoffs of 2010, where the Canucks were somehow only "one year ahead" of the Kings in their development.

Winning six of seven games? Pfft. They're doomed.

Another favorite bit of mine is when he compares the point totals of Richards and Carter to Chris Higgins -- conveniently ignoring details like games lost to injury. These guys just can't be worthy rivals to mighty Vancouver.

So sure, maybe the Canucks were finishing out their regular season with a whimper, at least in the eyes of their critics. But at least they are the real deal.

Look at it this way. The questions about the Canucks don’t seem quite as pointed as the questions about the Kings.

Oops. Maybe you just had to wait a month.