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Bullet points.

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  • 8th place ain't so bad (It ain't great, but it ain't bad).
  • Kings lost 2 games in a row in which they had 2 goal leads in both games.
  • This game did not have the chippiness that the game in LA had, and the Kings carried the play longer than 16 minutes tonight. Too bad they didn't stay out of the box in the 3rd.
  • Kings gave up 2 goals on plays from the slot (1 of them by a Shark, another from a King).
  • After 4 straight break-outs on the Kings 1st power play last night, where they made hard rings around the boards with weakside players trying to trap the puck along the boards on the opposite side, which failed to get recovery, or establish possession, the Kings have switched to drop passes, and fake drops.
  • Hits were 35-18 Sharks.
  • EV shot differentials leaders/losers for the Sharks: defenseman Brent Burns (+9 Fenwick). Center Logan Couture (+9 Corsi). Left wing TJ Galiardi (-12 fenwick); Defenseman Mark Edouard Vlasic (-21 Corsi).
  • EV shot differentials leaders/losers for the Kings, Right wing Brad Richardson (+14 Fenwick, +17 Corsi). Left wing Dwight King (-6 Fenwick, -5 Corsi).
  • EV shot differentials team wise, Kings were a +11 Fenwick, and +22 Corsi through the first 2 periods. In the 3rd the Kings were a -4 Fenwick, and -3 Corsi.
  • Kings finished their season pushing to the playoffs with a 13-5-3 record over their last 21 games.
  • Bring on Vancouver!