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Hanzal Suspended 1 Game for Boarding Dustin Brown

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The Coyotes will be without Martin Hanzal for Game 3 for this Boarding infraction in last night's game:

The Shanaban video after the jump:

So the NHL is obviously still penalizing to injury. If Brown were injured we'd see a longer suspension. Seems a little ridiculous to me since if Brown were say Kyle Clifford, the Kings could have just sent him back to the room for "concussion testing" or whatever and sat him for a few days. Since it's Brown though he doesn't miss a shift and Hanzal only get's a game. The more valueable a player is to their team, the less the likelihood of a team sitting that player with a borderline injury. Thus, the NHL seems to have a bad policy if it's their intent to protect their most valueable assets. It's not only exploitable in that teams can fake injuries when a more valueable player takes a run at a less valueable player, but also what if Dustin Brown does have a mild concussion right now? He is not going to sit, nor would the team be very motivated to have him sit. Having a blanket policy penalizing to injury seems like not the best way to do it given that players have differing values to their team.

Anyhow, what do you guys think about Hanzal's sentence?