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"That's Why You Play": Papa Sutter Wants You Spoiled People To Get A Grip

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The Los Angeles Kings have done almost nothing wrong this spring. Their only failing continues to be an inability to complete sweeps.

Ever since Game 4, reporters have been pushing this narrative: when the Kings go up 3-0, they've only swept their opponents once. This is now a "puzzling problem."

Do they know how asinine that sounds?

Darryl Sutter can tell you.

When someone began to lead off with, "Game Four has always been somewhat of a problem for you," he snorted with laughter. The very idea that closing the series in four games should be easy or a 'given' is crazy to him. He's drilled it in the heads of his players: respect your opponents, never get too far ahead, and play every game like the series is 0-0.

Yesterday, before boarding the plane to New Jersey, he added this zinger:

Continue to play the way we’re playing. That’s why you play series. Unfortunately, we have some spoiled people that think that everyone wins 16 in a row or something. A little confusing to me. --LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter is a man who has spent a lifetime devoted to hockey, as a player, GM, and coach. He's never won a Cup. He knows just how hard it is to make it to win #16. He would never underestimate a tough, determined opponent like the Devils in a million years.

I'm glad Sutter is on our side. As long as reporters make these silly assumptions, you can expect him to fire back.

There's a series to play.