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2013-14 Monarchs schedule announced

I’m just kidding – who doesn’t love the AHL? Lots of people, I guess, judging by the attendance numbers. But you (yes, you!) can change that. You should change that. By going to one of these Monarchs games:


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A fun fact about the AHL is that they aren’t really into that whole “inter-conference games” thing that the NHL does when there’s no lockout ruining everything. But you can see the Sharks lite (Worcester Sharks) and the Coyotes lite (Portland Pirates) a totally reasonable twelve times a season. Just you, Ron Hextall’s kid, a knock-off Bailey, and between five and six thousand other people. Hey, you can find out just how short Jordan Weal really is. Sounds like a great time to me.

Here is the Monarch’s official news release on their website, which also has ticket pricing & information.

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