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Postgame Poll: Come On, Get Cranky. Sharks Tie Series

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The Kings open Game 4 with an awful period, fall further behind in the second, fall victim to a quick whistle, and can't make up for it despite outshooting the Sharks 14-2 in the final frame. Back to Staples for a pivotal Game 5.

You've got some work to do, Darryl.
You've got some work to do, Darryl.
Thearon W. Henderson

All right, I swore I wasn't going to dwell on that quick whistle on Dustin Penner's apparent goal... but then Mike Richards had to go and score and make this a one-goal loss. After the final whistle in San Jose, the Sharks had won 2-1 to even up the series and hand LA their tenth road loss in 11 games.

It's a good thing the Kings were so clearly dominated in the first and second periods, or else I'd complain about it for a few paragraphs. Instead, let's just hope that the Kings put forth a better effort when they get back on home ice. That third period was a good sign, but getting down two goals wasn't a great strategy.