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Injury Update: Willie Mitchell posts video of recovery

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Mitchell's knee is making progress again. Watch the video of Mitchell skating and shooting in practice.

Mitchell's last game was in the Stanley Cup Final
Mitchell's last game was in the Stanley Cup Final
Bruce Bennett

The recovery process for Willie Mitchell's knee has gone more slowly than anyone wanted--especially for Mitchell himself.

Since having surgery last summer, he'd recover to the point where he could practice, then experience setbacks once he tried to push it. Lombardi noted in a recent press conference that Mitchell was making progress again, but they had to wait and see how the knee reacted. Previously, Lombardi had admitted the possibility that the injury could be potentially career-threatening if that happened again.

Regehr's 2-year extension during the playoffs raised fears that Mitchell might not be back. But with Rob Scuderi potentially hitting the FA market too, this is pure speculation.

Mitchell decided to share a video of his progress with his fans, adding a personal message.

Getting Mitchell back would be tremendous. We wish him all the best.