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Kings Links: Life After Bernier, Day 1

Here's a bunch of reactions to the trade which sent Matt Frattin and Ben Scrivens to Los Angeles, in exchange for our backup goalie. Plus, Dean Lombardi talks. A lot.

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New backup? New backup! (Ben Scrivens)
New backup? New backup! (Ben Scrivens)
Greg Fiume

Happy Monday, everybody! If you're still mourning the departure of Jonathan Bernier, watch some adorable cat videos and listen to some soothing music before diving into this article. If you got used to the strong possibility that this was coming, well, read on.

Bernier, Frattin, and Scrivens

  • Check the comments to see some of the Twitter reaction from the Los Angeles Kings and their players, including Ben Scrivens and Matt Frattin.
  • Our friends at Pension Plan Puppets summed up the trade from a Toronto perspective. They've continued the discussion today.
  • Cam Charron at Leafs Nation brings us a two-parter: initial reaction and a day-after examination. James Mirtle also has his say.
  • Kings perspectives: Quisp, the Mayor, Dean Lombardi and Ron Hextall (via LA Kings Insider), and of course, langluy. (By the way, I liked the trade too. So there.)
  • How did Minnesota react to not acquiring Bernier? They signed current starter Niklas Backstrom to a three-year extension.
  • How did Philadelphia react to not acquiring Bernier? Well, they haven't, yet. But time is running out for a decision on Ilya Bryzgalov's future.
  • Unlike Tim Leiweke (ugh), Jonathan Bernier has not insulted Los Angeles upon his move to Toronto. On the contrary, he was very complimentary of Lombardi and the organization in comments to
  • Here's a good breakdown of Matt Frattin's 2013, from Maple Leafs Hot Stove...
  • ... and a slightly outdated scouting report on Scrivens, which nonetheless contains some cool insight into his playing style from The Goalie Guild.


  • What, you haven't read Robert's season review for Anze Kopitar yet? Shame on you. Read it. We'll be posting further reviews
  • GM Dean Lombardi talked a lot yesterday. Here's 23 minutes of audio if you've got some time on your hands, from Jon Rosen.
  • If you prefer reading, Rosen has also transcribed most of the conversation. Lombardi covered the Bernier trade, Rob Scuderi, Willie Mitchell, Dustin Brown, Dustin Penner, Bud Holloway, and Darryl Sutter. Short version: plugging away on Scuderi, Brown, and Holloway; wait-and-see for Mitchell and Penner; Sutter had surgery for a hernia.

    We'll be keeping you updated on those stories... except for the Sutter surgery. Don't need any more details there.

One More Thing...

There's a hockey game tonight. Check out the previews from Stanley Cup of Chowder and Second City Hockey. We may see another team lifting the Cup tonight. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

(I want seven games, so Go Bruins. And while we're at it, go baseball Bruins.)