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Postgame Poll: Kings Win 3-1, O-zone time (and the win) belongs to us!

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There will be a lot of great/funny highlights coming out of this game.

Jeff Gross

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Who's the awesomest of them all?

Sorry, Patrick Sharp. The honor goes to Justin MFing Williams.

Meanwhile, the Blackhawks were mired in some after school special.

Sharp: I crosschecked Williams because he dissed my moisturizer.

Crawford: I ran into Kopitar, and he shouldn't get away with it! WAAAAH!

Keith: Sure, I high-sticked Carter for no reason. Would it help if I felt bad about it later? ...Maybe? ...No?

I don't even know, man! Impulse control is pretty great.

This was fun. Nervewracking and fun. Let's raise a glass to our Kings, who held the puck in the right end of the rink.

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