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Postgame Poll: The Season's end

The Kings go farther than recent defending champs have, but fall in the second overtime. I love them.

Jonathan Daniel

Here we are, the last game poll of the season.

I know the Kings aren't satisfied right now.

But they hadn't lost a playoff series in two years, despite running on duct tapes and fumes at the end.

I love them.

Please also note: the Penguins, Hawks, and Bruins never made it that far as defending champs. That's with Williams, Kopi, Brown, and Doughty hurt.

We'll have a lot to dissect this summer, so I hope you stick around. But I think this team still has one hell of a promising future.

Share your first reactions here. How do you feel?

UPDATE: Here's Sutter's postgame comments just to start with.