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Penguins @ Kings: Gamethread

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Harry How

The Kings last played the Penguins on November 5, 2011. The Pens won 3-2 in a shootout.

That was before I was even officially a member of Jewels from the Crown and the mighty Quisp was still our overlord.

Interesting to look back at his post-game bullets from that one. Some highlights:

Ethan Moreau with two truly bone-headed penalties, one of which contributed to the first Pens goal. "Veteran presence."


Drew Doughty looking like a talented but nervous rookie with potential.

Aw, baby Drew Doughty!

Jack Johnson playing the best hockey of his professional career.

Oh Jack...

Pretty funny that the Kings find themselves in similar situation as when they last played the Pens. Incidentally, the Kings won the Stanley Cup that year.

Also pretty funny that Ethan Moreau was once on this team. Actually, that's not funny at all-- it's painful.