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Kings Links - Vegas Time

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The Kings head to the center of the sports world - Las Vegas.

70 AND 73.
70 AND 73.
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The Kings are still undefeated in regulation and head to the center of the sports universe for a rematch with a bunch of kids.

Kings News

LA Kings Insider DARRYL SUTTER POSTGAME QUOTES, GAME SHEETS, PHOTOS Darryl Sutter is a mad genius and he has a funny quip about Jordan Weal. The Royal Half Report: Issue #2 TRH gives a preview of Frozen Fury and sums up the week that's been for the Kings.

In Other News

Grantland 2014-15 NHL Preview: The Contenders Down Goes Brown aka Sean McIndoe looks at the seven contenders for the Cup this year. The rest if the series has a lot of humorous quips in it, too. Five for Howling Report: Andrew Barroway in negotiations to buy 51% of the Arizona Coyotes