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Game 2 Postgame Poll: Sexy Sixth

Actually, it wasn't a particularly sexy win. But you know, they all count blah blah let's do a poll.

haha screw you perry
haha screw you perry
Harry How

After an 82-game regular season of getting luckyluckylucky, and really lucky, the Ducks controlled puck possession in this game, and lost. My heart really weeps for you, Anaheim. Really, it does.

(Okay, not really.)

But anyway, the scoring chances really weren't that bad for LA as the possession numbers might suggest, per Nick:

Yeah, really not that great for the Ducks, considering they trailed for most of this game. The Kings held them to just 8 scoring chances at evens and cashed in on just enough of theirs to win- their sixth straight, wow! Meanwhile, Anaheim's Magical Super Duper Shooting Percentage Boosting Powersappear to have left them. That's a real shame. Let's try to figure out why, guys!