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Second Summer of Stanley: Animals!

Do animals appreciate the greatest trophy in all of sports? Maybe!

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Jones would be so good if his head could spin around 360°
Jones would be so good if his head could spin around 360°
Philip Pritchard

The Los Angeles Kings have spent their summer passing around the Stanley Cup, and Keeper of the Cup Philip Pritchard (source of the fine picture above) has been documenting. We've noticed that, though every member of the organization does something different, a lot of people have similar experiences. Namely, they hung out with ANIMALS!

Martin Jones and an Owl

Has any Cup winner ever hung out with an owl? Our awesome research team looked into it, and by that, I mean I typed "owl stanley cup" into Google. Turns out the vast majority of the results were for this book, which appears to be both fictional and hilariously inappropriate for children. So I'm gonna guess that Martin Jones is the first one to do it!

I just wish Jones had gotten the Cup earlier, and other players had felt obligated to top Jones by appearing with even more unique animals. "Here's Trevor Lewis with the Cup and a Komodo dragon!"

Willie Mitchell and a Fish

Hey, maybe Jones was just trying to top Mitchell.

It's nice that he threw it back, but it's a bit of a wasted opportunity here. Why not fill the Cup with hot oil and make yourself dinner? Sure, it might remove the Montreal Wanderers from history, but it'd be worth it!

Mike Richards and His Dogs

Richards also had a fish photo, but we're gonna gloss over that in favor of the way he started his day.

Two dogs! Bonus points! Two gripes about this photo, though:

(1) Arnold, champion of the The Royal Half's recent dog rankings, doesn't even get a miniature Cup! If it's a replica Campbell Bowl, touching it (especially with your tongue) is a pretty big faux pas. If it's an ordinary trophy, well, Arnold's getting the short end of the stick. Thankfully, Arnold's had prior experience. And a starring role on NHL36.

(2) This idea might be stolen from...

Anze Kopitar and GUSTL

Kopitar and Gustl appear to be the people's choice, as their photo is four times more popular than anything else the Keeper has tweeted out.

Flawless. Though in terms of shininess, it can't compare to...

Justin Williams and Prince


Much like his owner, that dog is a champ.