2015 Top 25 Under 25, #7: Kyle Clifford

In which you read a third regurgitation of us talking about Kyle Clifford in the Top 25 Under 25 series.

Unfortunately for all of us, this will be Kyle Clifford's last time being featured in our Top 25 Under 25 series.

Rank Player DOB Nationality Draft Year/Position Current League 2014 Rank
7 Kyle Clifford
1/13/1991 CAN 2009/35th overall (2nd)

In honor of his last year making an appearance on this list, here are 5 reasons to love Kyle Clifford:

1. That one thing he's pretty good at.

2. He occasionally does that one really important thing.

3. Even though we've had him forever, we have him for 5 MORE YEARS.

4. I swear he's not a goon.

5. His face.

A physical player, Kyle Clifford will most likely be gracing the Kings as a bottom-six forward for the rest of his career. He'll continue to help on the forecheck and probably take some bad calls. Still, this last season, Clifford had a career high tallying 15 points, while only missing two games (a surprise, after his most recent seasons were plagued with concussions). In fact, if we look at his points per 60 minutes last season, Kyle Clifford actually scored 1.05 points per 60 minutes on the ice, in the same league as players like Dion Phaneuf, Alexander Edler, and Travis Zajac. We may see further improvement from him yet!

Although we may groan whenever he takes a bad penalty, we all secretly agree: Kyle Clifford is the man. The man who had 87 penalty minutes last season, but still, the man. Regardless, although he is graduating from the Top 25 Under 25 series, he's still young and has the potential to grow as a player.

Who knows, maybe he'll even have another record season next year.