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Kings Links - Back At It: Chris Sutter; Cap Woes; World Cup;

The All Star break was fun but now it's time to get back to work.

Chris Sutter is a fucking rockstar
Chris Sutter is a fucking rockstar
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Sutter fucking rules and owned the weekend. Drew Doughty briefly had the spotlight during Friday's draft, but Chris was the star who shone the brightest on Saturday and Sunday.

Kings Links

LA Times

The highlight of NHL All-Star game is the smile of Chris Sutter The goals and winners don't matter; all that matters is how much fun Chris Sutter had.

CBS Sports

Darryl Sutter's son was doing some coaching at All-Star Game This is just so special.

Bleacher Report

Darryl Sutter's Son Provides Best Moment of 2015 NHL All-Star Game

LA Kings Insider


BETTMAN PROVIDES CAP UPDATE; MORE LEAGUE NEWS The commissioner does some math based on the Canadian dollar.


In Other News


STAMKOS, NASH & DOUGHTY GET CANDID WITH STROMBO This is a great interview and the responses are pretty good.

The Cannon

NHL Skills Competition 2015: Team Foligno Prevails 25 - 19 The hometown heroes get it done.

Sporting News

Hockey World Cup is a shameless cash grab — and a fun one No HRR, but it could be interesting to see a World Cup format.

Puck Daddy

Alex Ovechkin’s heartwarming reason for wanting NHL All-Star Game car What an amazing gesture.

Pressure from within driving Roberto Luongo to succeed There was external pressure to win in Vancouver; now there's internal pressure to win in Florida.