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Postgame/Rank the Players: Kings @ Oilers

Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever the Oilers called, the Kings had the answer. After the Oilers opened the scoring, Carter responded. Then, after the Oilers tied the game late, so Tanner Pearson was called into action with his first goal of the year. The Kings held on for the final 4 minutes of the game to earn their 5th straight win. It wasn't without drama though, as Jonathan Quick made a "save" with 5.2 seconds left to preserve the lead. Connor McDavid and his ragtag team of high draft picks thought they had tied the game, but Quick covered the puck on the goal line to save the day. Fair or not, happy times are here to stay.

Below, you'll find our player rater. Who was great? Who wasn't? The only thing I can guarantee is that Jamie McBain was the difference between a loss and a victory, as he always is.

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