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Kings Re-Sign Jordan Nolan for Three Years

That is... a high number of years.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Kings continue to double down on the players they won their rings with. Forward Jordan Nolan has been signed to a three-year contract extension worth $950K per season.

It's gotta be a new feeling for Jordan Nolan, who has never really had a stable future with the Kings before. He played 44 of 48 games in 2012-13 and 64 of 82 games in 2013-14, but he only featured in three playoff games in 2014 and never touched the ice in the Western Conference Final or the Stanley Cup Final. Same story so far in 2014-15 as he's only played 36 of 57 games, but with Andy Andreoff stuck in the press box, Tanner Pearson injured, and Mike Richards in the AHL, Nolan's getting a regular shift and has found his scoring touch. The possession numbers haven't been there consistently as of late, but it's apparently enough for LA to re-commit.

HERO Chart via Dom Galamini (rates compared to rest of the NHL)

Nolan HERO Chart

What do you think of the move? Is three years of Nolan too many, or do his aggressive style and his occasional flashes of scoring ability make him a good fit? Read our review of Jordan Nolan's 2014 season and vote in the poll below.

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