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Manchester Monarchs Win Calder Cup

It took 5 games to clinch the series, but they managed to finish their Quest for Calder.

Back-to-back champion...
Back-to-back champion...
Harry How/Getty Images

Manchester's depth proved too much for Utica as the Monarchs' top lines went quiet, but their bottom six came ready to play.

Adrian Kempe was 14.3 seconds away from having his first period goal stand up as the game-winner but Cal O'Reilly had other ideas. That meant that Vincent LoVerde got the Calder Cup clinching goal.

I didn't watch the game so here's a compilation of thoughts from people who DID watch it.

(By the way, he scored three more goals in the postseason than he did in 50 games in Sweden.)

Player reactions, interviews and some blurry photos from Rosen will come in a separate thread.

Congratulations to the Manchester Monarchs on a dominant year and a totally dominant win in the playoffs!