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Postgame/Rank the Players: Strange Things Happen in Arizona

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After a few weird goals and some mild tensions, the Kings come out on the wrong end of a 3-2 game.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

This game could have gone either way, but the Los Angeles Kings didn't deserve to win based on the way they played, right? I guess you can weigh in on that below!

Los Angeles Kings Coaches

Frankly, the first period should have been enough to doom LA to defeat, but they only allowed one goal (off Shane Doan's chest) and were able to fight back in the second thanks to their own fortunate tally. Nick Shore won't complain about getting this chance to break a 27-game goal drought, though.

The teams traded goals again and went into the break tied 2-2, but Drew Doughty's noted jumping ability did not manifest itself on a lob early in the third period, and he got beat by Jordan Martinook for the game-winner. The game ended in frustration for Milan Lucic (though I do not recommend his method of taking out that frustration) and for the Kings, who couldn't even pull Jonathan Quick in the final minutes as they got trapped in their own zone.

More in the recap, including how Dustin Brown still found multiple ways to anger Arizona Coyotes fans. Because that's what Brown does.