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Rank the Players: Budaj Stonewalls Pens, Toffoli Comes Through

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Tyler’s first career overtime winner (really!) is the only goal.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


Rank the Players after Peter Budaj and the Kings turned the table on the Penguins:

Tyler Toffoli’s overtime winner was certainly a wonderful way to cap off the night, but just getting one point out of this game was a win. Leaving aside what actually happened: Pittsburgh was 13-2-1 at home this season, they had scored 39 goals in their seven December games, and the Kings played sixty minutes in Michigan last night. Budaj was sensational, and while LA certainly needed him to kill four bad penalties and weather some pressure, the Kings got a much-needed massive second wind and actually outshot the Penguins 13-9 in the third period and overtime.

Recap to come.