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Tyler Toffoli Appears at Kids' Choice Sports Awards, Shoots Pucks at Nick Cannon

Boy, the offseason is long, isn't it?

Harry How/Getty Images

Over the past year or two, Tyler Toffoli has turned into the Nicolas Cage of the Los Angeles Kings. He pops up everywhere, he (probably) never turns down a gig, and he seems to be having a good time, doesn't he? He's built a reputation as LA's main man in the community, especially with captain Anze Kopitar back in Slovenia, and he made a slightly higher-profile appearance than usual on Nickelodeon on Sunday night.

The Nick Kids' Choice Sports Awards are held in Los Angeles every year, and at this year's Russell Wilson-hosted event, Toffoli got to show some kids his wrister. A more unwilling participant? Goaltender Nick Cannon, who was eventually tied to the posts like Milhouse so Toffoli could shoot a Kids' Choice Award off his head. After knocking off a piece of the trophy on his first try, Toffoli aimed a little lower the second time. See the whole video here.

Thoughts, Nick?

Nick Cannon Hates Tyler Toffoli

And the offseason rolls on!