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48 Days to Go: Wait, That’s Really the Franchise Record for Wins?

The nice thing about having a lot of down years? Records are breakable!

Los Angeles Kings v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

What made last season memorable? Was it Jonathan Quick setting new marks for Los Angeles Kings goaltenders, multiple times? How about the debut of 3-on-3 overtime, and more specifically, the discovery that the Kings were really good at it? Or perhaps it was Drew Doughty and Anze Kopitar breaking LA’s long streak of not winning individual awards?

How about the fact that it was, technically, the most victorious regular season LA has ever had?

Maybe we’re spoiled by all this playoff success, or maybe it’s because LA was in the middle of a slump, but there was little fanfare when the Kings won in overtime in Calgary on April 5. Despite the relative lack of celebration, that got them their 47th win, and one win in their final two got them to 48 victories, a mark that will stand... not that long, hopefully. It’s an underwhelming total, but the Kings have actually only won more than half of their games nine times in their history. Here’s a list:

Los Angeles Kings - Most Wins in a Season

Season GP W L T OTL Pts
2015-16 82 48 28 -- 6 102
1990-91 80 46 24 10 -- 102
2009-10 82 46 27 -- 9 101
2010-11 82 46 30 -- 6 98
2013-14 82 46 28 -- 8 100
1980-81 80 43 24 13 -- 99
1974-75 80 42 17 21 -- 105
1988-89 80 42 31 7 -- 91
2005-06 82 42 35 -- 5 89

If the shootout was around in 1974-75, the Kings of that year could have put that franchise record way out in the distance. But no! If LA puts it all together, 48 is a beatable number. At the very least, beating that record could get them an elusive Pacific Division title. 49 wins would have done it last year!

Tomorrow: We insert a dash to make the number 47 a lot more special.