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41 Days to Go: Shutouts, Made in America

Jonathan Quick broke the American record for shutouts, and it might be his for a while.

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 15 Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Our countdown to the start of the season continues, with 41 days to go.

Now that Jonathan Quick has broken virtually every franchise goaltending record for the Los Angeles Kings, he has to look at different targets. One target he caught last year: himself, as he broke his own single-season record for wins. Another one: the American record for all-time shutouts. In blanking the Chicago Blackhawks on March 14, Quick earned his 41st career shutout and set a new mark for goaltenders born in the USA. (His reaction was typically unassuming.)

If he goes at the same pace, Quick could set this bar really, really high. As of the end of 2016, here’s what the American-born standings look like. (Teams listed are those each player earned at least one shutout for. Birthplaces from

American-Born NHL Shutout Leaders

Jonathan Quick LAK Milford, Conn. 475 42
John Vanbiesbrouck NYR/FLA/PHI/NYI/NJD Detroit, Mich. 882 40
Frank Brimsek BOS/CHI Eveleth, Minn. 514 40
Tom Barrasso BUF/PIT/CAR/STL Boston, Mass. 777 38
Ryan Miller BUF/VAN/STL East Lansing, Mich. 655 36
Craig Anderson CHI/FLA/COL/OTT Park Ridge. Ill. 466 33
Tim Thomas BOS Flint, Mich. 426 31
Guy Hebert STL/ANA Troy, N.Y. 491 28
Mike Karakas CHI/MTL Aurora, Minn. 336 28
Mike Richter NYR Abington, Pa. 666 24

With both Miller and Anderson past their 35th birthday, it’s not even a guarantee that either will even get to 42 at this point. Cory Schneider probably will, but he has just 22 so far, and he’s only three months younger than Quick! (I know what you’re thinking... John Gibson has six.)

It’s not an unbreakable record by any means, but the stage is set for Quick to hold this record for a long time. If he can do what he’s done that last three years for the life of his contract, he’ll put that record out in the distance. How far out? He’d crack the all-time top ten in shutouts in the deal’s final season in 2023. Pretty good.

Next up: This is 40.