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2018-19 in Review

2018-19 Season in Review: Up and Comers Mike Amadio/Matt Luff/Carl Grundstrom

Taking a look at the young guns who were used sort of "sparingly" and what their futures could possibly hold

2018-19 Season in Review: Trevor Lewis — In Search of Unsung Hero Status

The disaster of last season can’t go away fast enough.

2018-19 Season in Review: Jeff Carter, International Man of Mystery

What really happened to Carter and is this a new, worrisome trend? Or is there hope for the future?

2018-19 Season In Review: Will We See the Jazz Hands Era of Alec Martinez Again?

Will this be the year Martinez is finally off the trading block?

2018-19 Season in Review: Kyle Clifford, The King of Intangibles

"As long as I’m playing hockey, this is where I want to play." - Kyle Clifford

2018-19 Season in Review: Does Drew Doughty Bounce Back?

"It’s been a (expletive) season." —Drew Doughty

2018-19 Season in Review: Dustin Brown #AlwaysMyCaptain

Embrace the Player Value that is "Brownie"

2018-19 Season in Review: Solving the Ilya Kovalchuk Enigma

"Like I said, he’s the head coach and he’s responsible for result." -Kovalchuk on Willie Desjardins

2018-19 Season in Review: How do you fix Tyler Toffoli?

Terribly snakebitten? Saddled with bad linemates? Just plain bad now?

2018-19 Season in Review: Will Anze Kopitar Return to his Dr. Jekyll Selke Form?

As the Captain goes, so does the Kings...

2018-19 Season in Review: Is it time for the goalies of the future yet?

Cal Petersen and Jack Campbell both showed that they can cope with the NHL. Is it time for them to shine?

2018-19 Season in Review: What’s next for Jonathan Quick?

If you want to know how Quick will fare in the future, just look at the ghosts of goalies past.