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Game Day Stats and Discussion Thread: Los Angeles Kings @ San Jose Sharks

So we meet again.

San Jose Sharks v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Just the Facts

Los Angeles Kings Stats San Jose Sharks
Los Angeles Kings Stats San Jose Sharks
17-23-3 (37 pts) Record 23-13-7 (53 pts)
14.9% (T-26th) Power Play % 24.8% (7th)
74.8% (T-28th) Penalty Kill % 83.9% (4th)
2.26 (31st) Goals For/Game 3.49 (4th)
2.95 (T-16th) Goals Against/Game 3.07 (20th)
28.3 (29th) Shots For/Game 34.8 (2nd)
31.7 (T-18th) Shots Against/Game 28.2 (2nd)
Kopitar (28) Points Leader Burns (47)
Brown (11) Goals Leader Pavelski (25)
Doughty (21) Assists Leader Burns (40)

Helpful Links

Game Preview

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Los Angeles Kings

San Jose Sharks

Discussion Questions

  1. If you had to choose a preferred team between the other two California NHL teams, would it be the Sharks or the Ducks?
  2. Martin Jones: actual human or very realistic looking android man who is good at goalie-ing and maybe not much else?
  3. If a Kings player chose to go to the Sharks in free agency, how would you feel? Would your opinion change if it was someone at the end of his career, or if it was a marginal/fourth line-type player?