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Regal Rundown: The hub cities will reportedly be Edmonton and Toronto

The surge of coronavirus cases in the U.S.A. has made Canada a more viable option for Return to Play.

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Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

The list of 10 has finally been narrowed down to two.

Per reporting from Bob McKenzie of TSN and later confirmed by The Athletic, the NHL plans to host its Return to Play in the Edmonton and Toronto. The players still have to ratify the safety protocols for the modified postseason and an extension to the CBA, but hockey could soon be on the horizon:

If the players approve this plan, training camp is tentatively scheduled to start July 10 with teams expected to travel to their respective hub cities around July 22 and begin play in late July or early August.

As of now, the Western Conference will go to Edmonton and the Eastern Conference will go to Toronto, according to sources.

(from The Athletic)

Previous concerns about having a team play in its home arena were no longer deemed relevant because there are no fans in stands and “home” teams will be in the NHL bubble anyway. Evidently, the Edmonton bubble will have an actual wall erected around it.

The recent rise in positive coronavirus cases around the United States, but specifically in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, eliminated the domestic options for the hub cities, which is why the league went with two Canadian options. Vancouver was not on board with the NHL’s coronavirus protocols, though it’s worth noting that Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole have been quite successful at navigating the pandemic.

Thus ends the decade-long streak of Los Angeles hosting playoff hockey in even years.

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