Friday Night: Standings in Blown Points

Two points "awarded" for every loss, one point for every OTL/SOL. Lowest point total is best. In parentheses are the official (ESPN) rankings.

Chicago loses. Anaheim gets a "loser point."

  1. San Jose 17 (1)
  2. Chicago 17 (2)
  3. Calgary 17 (3)
  4. Los Angeles 22 (4)
  5. Nashville 22 (6)
  6. Phoenix 23 (7)
  7. Dallas 23 (8)
  8. Colorado 24 (5)
  9. Vancouver 24 (9)
  10. Detroit 24 (11)
  11. Columbus 25 (10)
  12. St. Louis 25 (12)
  13. Minnesota 27 (14)
  14. Edmonton 30 (13)

Anaheim 31 (15)
Changed totals are in bold. Nashville's win moves them into 6th in the ESPN standings; they stay put in the "points-blown" world. Chicago's loss drops them into 2nd and bumps San Jose up into 1st, in both cases to conform with the real-world standings. As of now, the biggest discrepency is Colorado, who has played the most games in the conference, which disguises the fact that they have blown more points than it would otherwise appear. Thus, they are 5th in the official standings; 8th here.

If you're Colorado, you look at ESPN and, hey, 5th in the West sounds kind of great, especially compared to expectations. But look at the number of points they've failed to get, and suddenly you see you're one loss from 13th place. Be afraid.