43 Days to Go: Which Franchises Have Reigned in Game Seven?

<strong>The 2014 Kings thrived in do-or-die games. Is that backed up by the other 49 years?</strong>

By winning three playoff series 4-3 in 2014, the Los Angeles Kings staked a claim to being the best single-season do-or-die team in the history of the NHL. Indeed, they went 7-0 in elimination games that year; the other team to win three Game Sevens in one year, the Boston Bruins, only were at risk of being knocked out in four games.

This is a countdown commemorating LA’s 50-year history, though, so it’s fair to ask: how do the previous 47 years back up the Kings’ heroics? As it turns out, pretty well; the Kings have the fourth-best winning percentage of any NHL team in Game Sevens, and if you like cherry-picking, they’re the best among teams who have found themselves in at least ten Game Sevens.

Top Winning Percentage in Game Sevens

Team|Game 7 Appearances|Wins|Losses|Win%
Minnesota Wild3301.000
Tampa Bay Lightning752.714
Edmonton Oilers963.667
Los Angeles Kings1174.636
Montreal Canadiens23149.609
New York Rangers1596.600
San Jose Sharks1064.600
Carolina Hurricanes743.571
Philadelphia Flyers1697.563
Detroit Red Wings251411.560

Turns out the Wild come out on top; two major upsets over top-seeded Colorado squads in overtime and a win over Vancouver comprise their entire Before 2014, LA had an up-and-down history in these types of games; you can refresh your memory by reading about the other eight here. Now? They’re still not the overall kings of 4-3, but they’ve got a pretty solid history.

Tomorrow: the number 42 only represents one athlete in Los Angeles, and it’s not Mikko Eloranta.