44 Days to Go: Bob Miller Prepares for Year #44 in the Booth

As always, we’re on the lookout for a healthy Bob.

How’s your summer going? Pretty good?

We’re doing just fine over here. Of course, that wasn’t the case when the summer began. The Los Angeles Kings were eliminated, the San Jose Sharks were not, and though Bob Miller made a suitably dignified appearance at Game 1 of the first round, he was in the middle of a long recovery from quadruple bypass surgery.

Now? Well, the summer improved, LA made some prudent free agent signings, we’re only a month away from the preseason, and Bob is doing great in the lead-up to season 44 in the Kings’ broadcasting booth. Here are some updates!

  • Near the end of July, Bob Miller went and visited one of the only guys who’s been at this longer than he has: Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully. Bob presented him with a jersey while reassuring Vin with “In October, I’ll be ready.” Rumor has it that Scully will return the favor by stopping by with a Rich Hill jersey next season./
  • Miller further affirmed his improving health with Gann Matsuda at Frozen Royalty, granting a long interview in which he expressed hope that he’d be able to kick off his 2016-17 season by announcing preseason games in Las Vegas. Take it easy out there, Bob. (Full interview and quotes here.)
  • In August, Bob Miller made public appearances at the memorial service of longtime USC announcer Tom Kelly, at a University of Iowa alumni event, and on... The Late Late Show with James Corden?/

I’m more embarrassed for the Ducks fan, who clearly did not understand the game.

  • And finally... Coffee!/



All that’s left is for bob# to come back to Twitter, and all will be right with the world. Even if he doesn’t, though, having him back in the booth in October will be enough.

Tomorrow: Day 43. I actually don’t have a teaser because I don’t know what 43’s going to represent. Suspenseful!