47 Days To Go: Actually, Let’s Turn That Into 4-7

It didn't take us long to relive games four through seven of the 2014 first round.

Just as the Los Angeles Kings waited until the last minute to launch their 2014 Stanley Cup run, we've waited until the last minute to introduce the next day in our countdown.

It’s appropriate, though, that we highlight Games 4-7 as part of our countdown, because no look at the Kings’ 50-year history is complete without it. At the time, though, did anyone think this was possible? We... well, just see what we wrote between games 3 and 4.

Game 3 Postgame Poll: Bounces
(20% of the readers voted for "KINGS IN SEVEN." Smart readers.)

Game 3 Recap: Marleau’s Deflected OT Winner Puts Kings on Brink
(Key quote: "A 3-0 deficit in a series often dominated by home teams is daunting, but if LA can come back and win Game 4, who knows?" Nothing wrong with wishful thinking!)

With the Sharks 4 Games from Elimination, Does Jumbo Joe Have Enough for One More Year?
(By far the best prediction this site has ever made. NOTE: Joe Thornton defied the odds by continuing to play hockey.)

Anze Kopitar is a Selke Finalist
(Two years ago, this was all but forgotten. In 2016, it made the season somewhat worth it.)

Kings-Sharks WCSF Game 4 Preview
"If the 2010 Flyers could pull it off, it can't be that hard, can it?" PRESCIENT.

Honestly? Way more positive than I was expecting, though a 2012 title helped us be a bit more glib about this situation when it arose.

If we’re going to remind you of some low points in this countdown... and we will... it doesn’t hurt to bring up some high points. And I’m not sure there’s been a higher point (at least without a big silver trophy) than on April 30, when the Kings finished off the San Jose Sharks.

Here are four recaps for you to read. Relive this whenever you get down on the Kings. We'll keep things positive for tomorrow as well, when we hit 46 days until the 2016-17 season.