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50th Anniversary Countdown

15 Days to Go: Ted Irvine and the First Playoff OT Winner in Kings History

And why did we use a picture of a pro wrestler to introduce it?

20, 19, 18, 17, 16 Days to Go: Playing the Retired Number Game

Which current Kings will see their numbers raised to the rafters?

21 Days to Go: Only 10 Cups Away from Owning LA

LA isn’t quite Title Town, but there’s a reason you have to win to get attention.

22 Days to Go: Bounce Back, Marian Gaborik!

Can a World Cup run fuel a return to form?

23 Days to Go: Who Makes the Opening Night Roster?

In particular, six outsiders who appeared in the NHL last year look to make the team out of camp this year.

24 Days to Go: Trevor Lewis is Sticking Around

And 71% of you are pretty pleased about that.

25 Days to Go: The First Half of the Kings’ Story

In video form!

26 Days to Go: Michal Handzus Almost Ruined Everything

Remember when one of our most dutiful servants stabbed us in the back?

27 Days to Go: Penalties, Penalties, Penalties

Who took the most penalties on LA last year? Guess we spoiled it with the picture.

28 Days to Go: Adam Deadmarsh and a Career Cut Short

What might have been...

30 Days to Go: Can Jake Muzzin Elevate His Offensive Game?

Last season’s most productive defenseman at even strength still hasn’t hit his ceiling.

31 Days to Go: How Much Did the Kings Really Miss Martin Jones?

He helped knock the Kings out of the playoffs, but the regular season impact really wasn’t that significant.

32 Days to Go: The Worst Penalty Kill There Ever Was

HINT: There’s a reason we’re posting about it on a Kings blog.

33 Days to Go: Are the Kings’ Draft Picks Moving Too Slowly?

Very few of the Kings’ 33 draft picks since 2012 have made their NHL debut. Unusual?

34 Days to Go: LA’s Coaches Don’t Usually Start Very Well

When the time comes for Darryl Sutter to retire, what might we expect from the new coach?

35 Days to Go: A Less Heralded Goalie Tradition

Looking at the ups and downs of LA’s goaltending, via the guys who never quite owned the net.

36 Days to Go: Tanner Pearson Looks to Make a Leap

He had 36 points last year. It’s all set up for him to fly past that in 2016-17.

37 Days to Go: Can Rob Scuderi Be “The Piece”?

Or any piece at all? The 37-year-old sure would like to be.

38 Days to Go: Remembering Pavol Demitra

A new film and a whole lot of tributes will honor the memory of Pavol Demitra this week.

39 Days to Go: It’s Not 50 in 39, But It’s Not Bad

Reviewing the best first halves for LA goalscorers.

40 Days to Go: The Three Oldest Players in Kings History

Three very different players have donned Kings jerseys at age 40. Can you guess them?

41 Days to Go: Shutouts, Made in America

Jonathan Quick broke the American record for shutouts, and it might be his for a while.

Willie O’Ree and the Los Angeles Blades

Jackie Robinson called it home, but did you know hockey’s own barrier breaker played in Los Angeles?

43 Days to Go: Which Franchises Have Reigned in Game Seven?

The 2014 Kings thrived in do-or-die games. Is that backed up by the other 49 years?

44 Days to Go: Bob Miller Prepares for Year #44 in the Booth

As always, we’re on the lookout for a healthy Bob.

45 Days to Go: Nick Nickson Builds His Legacy By Pinch-Hitting

The undisputed king of LA sports radio play-by-play deserved another moment in the sun.

46 Days to Go: Does LA’s Playoff Record Stack Up?

Could this still be remembered as the decade of the Kings?

47 Days To Go: Actually, Let’s Turn That Into 4-7

It didn't take us long to relive games four through seven of the 2014 first round.

48 Days to Go: Oh, That’s Really the Wins Record?

The nice thing about having a lot of down years? Records are breakable!

49 Days to Go: Will Mersch Get to Contribute?

Looking at how LA’s midseason forward call-ups have built on their cups of coffee.

50 Days to Go: Welcome to the Countdown!

Only 50 days to go until the start of the Kings’ 50th Anniversary season! We’ll keep track for you, don’t worry.