9/29 Kings Links: Voynov Is Missing? Maybe not

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Voynov wasn't at the Monarchs physicals, but he's going to be, maybe. Just when he thought he was done riding buses in New England. [LA Kings Insider]

Here are all (most?) of the players on the ice for Monarchs training camp. [@monarchshockey]

Loktionov's omission from the Cup is unconscionable. Way to celebrate teamwork, Kings. I'm thoroughly ashamed of you. [McSorley's Stick]

Hey, the Kings are actually good enough to be Most Hated! That, and they left the whole team's sanity in tatters! [Five for Howling]

I don't have the same level of hate because we won. I don't know if they realize how enjoyable that is.
Jamie Kellner of Canes Country spotted Westgarth working out in NC. Very nice shots.
Who is the hardline owner behind the league's CBA stance? Jeremy Jacobs? JEREMY JACOBS. [Chat with Pierre LeBrun]

Many were interested in what Devellano had to say about offer sheet collusion, and Elliotte Friedman picks up the theme.

A hilarious rundown of AEG's prospective owners. Pass on Snider; I'll take the guy who shoots blue lightning. [The Royal Half]

Sean O'Donnell witnessed the first of three lockouts when he breaking in with the Kings in '94. Here is what he and fellow veteran Aucoin has to say. [Globe and Mail]

Who's your most hated team? Fans don't like the Ducks for the proximity, but the Kings hang out with them. I think they might hate the Canucks.

Who's the Kings' biggest rival in your eyes? Who do you hate the most?