9 In A Row: Kings 4, Wings 3

In a finish the Los Angeles pulled out of nowhere, they extended their winning streak to nine games against the Detroit Red Wings. From here on out every game they win, they also extend the franchise record. That is music to my ears, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

There have been a few games in the past couple of weeks that have lacked the consistency I'm always on the hunt for. Like the game against the New Jersey Devils, today's game saw the opposition score the first goals of the game. Henrik Zetterberg and Valtteri Filppula got the Red Wings up 3-0 with Z scoring two of his own. The Kings were completely dominated in the first period; they were being chased around the entire frame, but they fought back with the drive and determination that they've been able to bring to almost every game so far this season. Said determination was finally brought in the second period and they tied up the game with three sweet goals of their own. An unexpected contributor scrambled for the fourth and game-winner. Michael Handzus put the game away and showed some unexpected emotion after the puck went behind Jimmy Howard. Even on the replay, you could see Alexander Frolov smiling! Crazy things are happening with this team!

By the way, what was up with Howard throwing up an elbow into Dustin Brown's face with the ref in clear view but not calling a freaking thing? I thought refs were supposed to be the neutral party in every game played. I don't care that "things will even out in the end." Call it the first time it happens!

Every game, every win changes the Kings standings in the Western Conference. With the Phoenix Coyotes loss to the Dallas Stars tonight, the Kings hop ahead of the Yotes to grab the fourth spot with 75 points. Annoyingly, the Vancouver Canucks are still ahead of the Kings with 72 points with one game in hand. Looking at the East, the Washington Capitals are still going strong wtih 13 wins in a row. The Toronto Maple Leafs took down the Ottawa Senators so the latter's winning streak is finally over. I'm not sure where the Senators got off trying to act like a good team. Everything's looking good for the Kings. Status quo.