A Month of Gratitude: Mike Amadio and Paul LaDue

Today we turn our focus to two young players looking to make an impact for the Kings.

A season like this is tough to watch, and we all find ourselves being pretty hard on the Los Angeles Kings as they struggle to right the ship. For the rest of November, we’ll be taking some time each day to share why we’re thankful for each player on the team (and some Kings of years past). If you’d like to share your love for a Kings player, past or present, check out our call for submissions.

We looked yesterday at some gritty veteran players who have carved out a role on the team. Today, we’ll share why we’re thankful for two young players still looking to be able to make a regular impact.

Mike Amadio

In his third year of playing professional hockey, Mike Amadio has shown flashes of being a solid bottom six center. He’s put in the work to get better at faceoffs and to improve in his own zone. Depth scoring has continually been an issue for the Kings, and if Amadio can recapture some of his knack for scoring big goals and going on impressive scoring runs in the AHL, he’ll be a huge help for the Kings.

So, Mike, we’re thankful for your youth and energy and perseverance to make it in the NHL. May you get more regular ice time and linemates who complement your skillset.

We’re also thankful for Mike Amadio’s mustache. We think.

Paul LaDue

Long regarded as one of the Kings’ better defensive prospects, Paul LaDue finds himself in much of the same boat as Amadio does — needing regular ice time to carve out a role on the team, but not quite getting it.

Of course, LaDue’s injured right now, so the new coaching staff hasn’t even had a chance to get a real look at their smooth skating, offensive-minded, right-shot defenseman. (And those don’t grow on trees!)

LaDue’s seen limited time in a Kings uniform but one thing that did stand out to our readers? His playoff goal against the Vegas Golden Knights. The Kings as a whole sure didn’t score a lot of those, so seeing LaDue cash in was a great moment.

And, to quote one anonymous reader: ”I love him because he’s a ginger!”

We’ve got something for everyone here.

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