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An Announcement from the Managing Editor, Who Isn’t Going to be the Managing Editor Anymore

Hi, readers. I’m Eric. I’ve been the managing editor at Jewels from the Crown for a few years now. I’m writing this post to make an important announcement: I’m not leaving Jewels from the Crown.

I know, I know. This is very dramatic. Take a minute to compose yourself and gather your thoughts if you need to. I’ll be holding a press conference later to answer any outstanding questions.

Wow, that’s a big weight off my chest! It almost makes this next part easier: I’m not leaving the site — I still like writing! — but I’m also ending my time as managing editor of Jewels from the Crown.

Over the past year, I honestly haven’t been able to devote the amount of time I wish I could devote to this site. Our writers, as they always do, have done an excellent job of picking up the slack, but I think it’s time that someone else got a chance to run the show around here. That chance is coming very shortly, and you should see more information on that in the coming days. In the meantime, Sarah A. is going to be taking the reins of the site on an interim basis, and I can’t wait to see what she does with the place.

I came on board at Jewels from the Crown just a few months after the 2012 Stanley Cup was awarded, so I assumed that I’d missed the most exciting thing that would happen to the Kings in this decade. My first article was written about a Western States Hockey League game in Valencia, during the lockout in 2012. Since then, our site has gotten to cover a Stanley Cup Final, a Stadium Series game, an AHL season or two, and an All-Star Game, along with several smaller events in between. I’ve written about all sorts of topics, in all sorts of ways, with a common thread: my editors, managers, and colleagues over the years have been patient, encouraging, forgiving, and willing to let me try new things. I learned so much from so many people about writing and editing, about talking and listening, about watching hockey and reading spreadsheets and (gasp) balancing the two. It’s been really fun, and it still is.

A lot of folks associated with the Los Angeles Kings — either directly or indirectly — have been really good to me, and you know who you are, especially if you’re currently reading this piece at our humble site. Readers, each of you probably heard about Jewels from the Crown for the first time from another Kings website, or from another reader of the site. I’m endlessly grateful for those that told you to read our work, and for those who continue to read and comment on it, and for those who write it. Special thanks to Niesy, Rudy, and Robert, who got me started and offered their sage, unique wisdom in the best way possible… to Nick, Langluy, John, and Leafman, who discussed and celebrated and disagreed with me and taught me so, so much… to Robyn and Sheng, who always worked way harder than they had to without complaining… and to the current staff of Sarah, Robyn, James, and Carlos, who have really stepped up their game as I’ve scaled back my contributions. Finally, to everyone else who chipped in at JftC over the years: thanks. You’re all damn good writers, and I’ve been lucky to share a site with all of you.

Until the next article goes up-


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