Anaheim Ducks Fire Head Coach, Noted Kings Fan Bruce Boudreau

He probably won't end up here any time soon, but we know who he'll be modeling his new team after!

In news that's surprising despite being totally inevitable...

The Anaheim Ducks parted ways with head coach Bruce Boudreau today. Somehow, his legacy won't be as the coach who led Anaheim to four consecutive division titles, brought them to within a game of the Stanley Cup Final in 2015, and won games at a 110-point full-season pace during his tenure. Rather, his legacy will be, like Justin Williams, tied to his performance in Game 7s. And it wasn't good; four consecutive Game 7 losses, ending four promising chances at a Cup.

It's inevitable because his teams underachieved in the playoffs, just as they did when he coached the Washington Capitals. It's surprising because Anaheim professed patience with Boudreau earlier this season, and were rewarded, as he turned around a Ducks squad which was sitting in last place on Christmas Day and won the division (again). He might be a Jack Adams nominee, but he'll have a new job to show for it.

He's definitely going to get hired somewhere, but that somewhere probably won't be Los Angeles unless Darryl Sutter decides to retire. As we wrote earlier this week, his contract is up and hasn't been extended yet, but it's hard to see the Kings going away from Sutter unless his heart isn't in it. Even if they do, hey, John Stevens and Davis Payne are sitting on the bench.

Having said all that, even if he isn't gonna coach here... Bruce Boudreau LOVES the Los Angeles Kings. Need evidence?

Boudreau, on whether there was a lack of poise in Anaheim’s game:

You can call it whatever you want. I’m the kind of guy that, yeah we didn’t do things that we wanted to do but I want to give the LA Kings a little bit of credit here. They played like Stanley Cup champions. They never played like that in the first period like in any of the other six games. I think we were individually and collectively blown away by what they were doing. You’ve never seen them out-passing us individually as a player. I mean it’s like we were standing still and they were driving by us.

"How many teams can go seven or eight elimination games, whatever they had to do last year, and go 8-0? I think that comes with their veteran leadership and it's really solid, starting with the guy behind the bench, and that leadership just rolls right on," Boudreau said. "You could see the Drew Doughtys growing up. He's always been great on the ice but you can see the maturity in him. And they've got the Jarret Stolls and Jeff Carter, who's so much different from the Jeff Carter I knew in Philadelphia. He was just a horse last year. And the Justin Williamses and everybody else, like [Marian] Gaborik.

We don't yet know where Boudreau will end up, but hopefully, it's in a place where he has time late at night to catch some Kings hockey.