Around The Habs: I wanted you to trade for a big-ass scorer and you didn't do it and I was mad but now I am glad

Anyway, people started hasseling [Gainey] for not landing Hossa. After looking at what the Pens gve away for him, I knew it was good for him not to. Take a look at the Pens now, they lost Armstrong, Christensen and Esposito and a draft pick for Hossa and Dupuis. Good thing Bob didn't pull the trigger on a deal like that or this team would be destroyed (not that they aren't already). The Pens were screwed. Once the season went to waste after they got eliminated, they had basically traded away three solid, young players, for Pascal Dupuis.

via Around The Habs.

This is what I'm worried about happening to the Kings this summer. Well, not really. Because I don't think Lombardi will make such a trade. But it's what I think would happen if one of the trades people (i.e. Kingnuts) keep negotiating with themselves (e.g. Kovalchuk, Heatley, etc.).