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Jewels from the Quarantine: Julius’ Picks

Want more things to keep you busy? We’re here to help.

Preview (Kings @ Blue Jackets): Every point counts

The Los Angeles Kings are quietly climbing up the standings with wins in four of the last five games.

Preview (Kings @ Penguins): Maintaining territory among giants

The Kings are on a joyride of Jonathan Quick’s sudden resurgence.

JFTC Roundtable: Surprises, disappointments, and expectations

The writers of Jewels from the Crown share their thoughts on the team to date.

Preview: Tempers to reach boiling point as Kings face Ducks

These Kings-Ducks matchups capture the essence of old school hockey (with more display of skill) every single time.

Preview (Sharks @ Kings): Bracing cold waters

After finding nothing except fists full of sand in the desert, the Los Angeles Kings move on to tackle the Sharks.

Preview (Oilers @ Kings): Slugging with the heavyweights

The slew of Pacific Division tilts continue for the Los Angeles Kings in the first of a four-game home stand.

Preview (Kings @ Coyotes): The best of times are the hardest of times

Los Angeles have quite the test ahead of them right when they are building some momentum.

Preview: The start of something new

Winning, unfortunately, hasn’t been ingrained into the fabric of the Kings as much as one is accustomed to this season. So it is good to enjoy it while it lasts.

Preview: Being a student of controlled chaos

While Los Angeles Kings fans shouldn’t party like it’s 2014, a wave of optimism is taking over.