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Podcasting on Crown Conversations and blogging about all things hockey on JFTC. Reach me at jollywhiskey [dot] jftc @ gmail [dot] com. I'm always open to new adventures.

Crown Conversations: Half Dead, Fully Empty

The sputtering, stuttering LA Kings may be getting injured players back, but with lack of downtime, everyone looks closer to undead then fully alive.

Crown Conversations: Post Trade Deadline Madness

It’s a round table edition with two special guests joining the fold to discuss the Kings’ moves on deadline day.

Crown Conversations: LA Kings Trade Dead(line) Day

The NHL’s trade deadline approaches rapidly and General Manager Rob Blake has a lot of decisions to make. But should any of those decisions include trading away any of LA’s current assets?

Crown Conversations: The Los Angeles Reign of Ontario Kings

The Cardiac Kings have moved half their squad from the heart ward to the intensive care ward and have recalled what feels like at least 50% of their AHL squad as a replacement

LA Kings vs Boston Bruins Game Recap: Gone In 61 Seconds

A luckless rout for the Kings ended their homestand on a sour note but all hope is not lost

Quinton Byfield surprises Quinton Byfield

Byfield and Byfield is actually not the name of a high priced law firm in Los Angeles, but a charming story about why and how representation actually matters

Crown Conversations: Consistently Inconsistent Chaos Creators

Which team will show up on any given is a huge mystery. Some nights, they’re dominant against excellent teams while other nights, they seem to struggle with who they are as a team.

Crown Conversations: Broadway Bantering (a NYR Preview)

The Los Angeles Kings are in Manhattan to take on the top team in the Metro. A special joins CC to give a brief overview of what to expect from New York’s hottest team.

Crown Conversations: Facts on Foxy (pt 2)

The long awaited and much anticipated sequel to the Jim Fox interview is finally here for your listening pleasure

Crown Conversations: Facts on (Jim) Fox, Part 1

Famed LA Kings broadcaster Jim Fox joins Crown Conversation to discuss his career, his wine, and his colorful analysis style.