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Podcasting on Crown Conversations and blogging about all things hockey on JFTC. Reach me at jollywhiskey [dot] jftc @ gmail [dot] com. I'm always open to new adventures.

Crown Conversations: New Year, New Podcast

It’s an ADD episode as we hit on a myriad of topics ranging from World Juniors to NHL training camp and the Red Wings’ defense?

Crown Conversations: Merry Fistmas!

Happy Festivus, Happy Hanukkah, and happy holidays to all from Crown Conversations. Come for the big announcement, stay for the discussion on the most memorable fights and chirps.

Crown Conversations: Reverse Retro Jerseys Part 2: The Second Part

We are back with the second part of our podcast in which James says a naughty word and we grade Ottawa, Edmonton and Winnipeg’s jerseys.

Crown Conversations: Reverse Retro Jerseys Part 1: The First Half

The highly (somewhat?) anticipated reverse retro jerseys have all been revealed and the verdict is in. Do you agree with our takes?

Crown Conversations Episode 43: NHL Draft Wrap Up

Though the NHL Entry Draft concluded with a marathon length second day, the Los Angeles Kings appear to have used their time wisely and selecting some intriguing prospects.

Crown Conversations Episode 42: Mascot Lawsuit and Draft Preview

On Friday, the Los Angeles Kings quietly announced that they fired Tim Smith, the man in the Bailey suit. Plus, what could they do at the upcoming entry draft?

Crown Conversations Episode 41: Stanley Cup Final, Dallas Stars Edition

Everything you wanted to know (and more) about the Dallas Stars and how they stack up against the Tampa Bay Lightning in a deep south Cup Final.

Crown Conversations Episode 40: Stanley Cup Final, Tampa Bay Edition

Checking in with a member from Raw Charge to talk about all things Tampa Bay and their run to the Stanley Cup.

Crown Conversations Episode 38: Bubble Hockey + Quarantine Qualifiers

Hockey is back! Yay? It’s "postseason" pre-playoff hockey inside in the bubble.

Crown Conversations Episode 37: The Rosen Retrospective

It’s a rambling retrospective about the loss of Jon Rosen, as former LA Kings Insider Assistant James Nicholson joins CC to talk about JR and the Kings.